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Wave party ground

Public Play Space Design


Hong Kong


Commendation Award

In collaboration with serweta peck


Wavy Party invites everyone to join in on the outdoor festivities and play together amongst nature within the city.
This pocket park serves as an elastic border with planted trees and shrubbery, which buffer the busy roadway from the quiet residential area. Its main entry points are along the axial cardinal directions from the north, west and south.
The sinusoidal wave that defines the overall playground stretches along the eastern perimeter like a rubber band – looping in-and-out to create smaller nestled areas and providing flexibility for a multiplicity of activities. Along the wavy band there are places for parents, grandparents, and guardians to sit and watch their children and wards. The wavy band also includes puzzles and interactive games embedded in the walls, plus climbing nets, wind chimes, an amphitheatre, and an oversized look-out telescope – as well as a generous amount of planters filled with naturally-mosquito repellent flowers and plants, such as lavender, geraniums, marigolds, and lemongrass, ageratum, and allium.


Sculpture Design By Kirin Plus Lab
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